31 May 2007

Heading to Boston!

This weekend, I'll be heading up to Boston to attend a reunion for the Committee for Creative Enactments, a group I was part of (and *almost* a founder of) when I was in college at BC. We would write, produce, and act in our own murdery mysteries, once a semester. I believe I have the link to the group's website on my links on the right hand side.

I wasn't going to go up to this reunion, but then I realized that I may be one of the oldest members of the group to attend, and I like to represent the aged portion of the group. I can tell the stories about how we did show when we were young, without all this new fangled "talking" and "plot devices" that I hear the kids talk about nowadays.

Also, it's fun to be the representative of history. I was also the 3rd or 4th President of the group, so there's that going for me too....

So, it should be a good time. I'm staying with Brian while in the city, and was going to try to see Joe, but he'll be busy on Sunday, so unfortunately, no Joe this trip. Brian and I will probably see a movie on Saturday, before this big shindig starts up at 6pm. If it's nice, I may try to get to campus early, to take some photos, and just wander around a bit.

I'll be back with regular computer access on Sunday, so I'll update you all then on how it went....

NP: Frank Zappa - The Downtown Talent Scout