08 February 2007


Have you ever pulled a boner move so STUPENDOUS, that you marvel that you can tie your own shoes in the morning?

I did one of those yesterday.

I'm married to a wonderful Sue, and periodically during the day at work, we'll drop little e-mail notes to each other, just reminders that we're out there, thinking of each other. Romantic, eh?

Well, yes, it is romantic, until you send one of those messages to your boss by mistake.

With the subject line "I love YOU!"

And then you get the reply, "re: I love YOU!," and it's not from your lovely wife, but from someone NOT YOUR WIFE.

The first words out of my mouth when I got the reply were "Oh f*ck." With a laugh at it, because it, obviously, is very funny.

I pictured my supervisor sitting there at her computer, wondering what to do with this strange e-mail addressed to her, from me.

We did get a good laugh about it, and Sue did also. All was right with the world.

But, I'm still laughing about it now. What a dunderhead I can be!

NP: Steve Howe - The Collector

05 February 2007


Ah, just finished exercising. I don't exercise on the weeks that I'm on duty, so it's a nice break. I just did 20 minutes on our elliptical, which is better than nothing. I'm not looking to be hard core, I simply want to have some basic activity every day. If I drop some weight, that's great, but I really started doing this because back in 2001 my cholesterol was higher than it should have been. So, the doc said eat better and exercise.

Strangely enough, it appears to have worked, cholesterol-wise. My number is consistently 100 points lower than it was at its highest point, so no medication needed here.

I still eat some of the same crap I used to (pizza, bread, pasta, etc), but now I make sure to not have those foods as often as I used to, and I eat some salad in my diet. Simple stuff can make radical changes.

Granted, if I was looking to lose weight (I'm about 185 now), I'd do more, and eat less, but it's not that much of a priority now. Sure, it'd be nice to be back down to 170-175, and hey, it might happen, but it's not really a goal. It'll be more of an accident if it goes on.

On a totally different subject, about a week ago, Chris, one of my friend from high school, invited me to join this "linkedin" website. It's supposed to help people network and reconnect, both personally and career-wise.

Generally, I shy away from these things, I figured, why not... So, I joined up. No cost or anything. I didn't really expect anything from it, but what do you know. About 2 days after I join, I hear from Sharon, a classmate of mine from Boston College! We've e-mailed back and forth, and it's fun to be back in contact with her, since I think the last time we spoke was back in 1994. It's so easy to lose contact with people, but easier now to get back in touch.

So, thank you Chris, if you're reading this. And thank you Sharon for writing! Perhaps some other long lost people from my past will write in too.

Today in the mail, I got two CDs I ordered from England. Steve Hackett, former guitarist from Genesis, just had two of his solo albums remastered, Cured and Highly Strung. I have these on vinyl (ancient technology), but never got them on CD. I took quick listens to them today, and they sound much better sonically than I remember. I'll give a more careful listen sometime in the next few days...

NP: Adrian Belew - The Rail Song

04 February 2007


I have an announcement to make!

The lovely Sue has returned to blogging! Read her adventures, and enjoy!

In other news, today was a cleaning day, I did laundry, and vacuumed up around here. I still need to hit the kitchen floor, which is a mess. The bathroom needs some work also, but nothing too heavy duty.

I'm actually watching the "Puppy Bowl" on Animal Planet right now. It's puppies gallivanting around on a fake football field. Brilliant programming for tonight. I'm really waiting for the Kitten half time show, but really, who isn't?

That's all for now, perhaps more to come later...

NP: Brian May - Back to the Light (the TV is on mute...)