21 July 2006


So, when someone replies to something in the comments section, sometimes I reply in the comment section also. However, then I don't know if the reader ever goes back to check if there's a response to their comment.

I know I get an e-mail when someone comments on my blog. Do you get an e-mail if someone comments on your comment? I don't think so...

With that said, Mr. Brian commented yesterday:

I don't remember the music from that last bit. I've only seen the movie two or three times, I think. I feel like I may give it a screening soon, in the wake of CLERKS 2 Mooby madness =)Do you remember hitting CLERKS in Red Bank? Was that us? With some of the old school usual suspects?

I feel like I was working hard at trying to convince a few of our posse that they were watching Goodness. Okay, a bit raw, low-budge, aesthetically, not-so-pleasing, one-note acted Goodness, but Goodness nevertheless.

Independent contractors on the Death Star! C'mon!

I can confirm for you, Brian, that in fact, I was at that screening at Red Bank. We were with Geoff and Alex (Geoff, do you read this at all?). I seem to remember them both generally being okay with the movie, but they didn't enjoy it as much as we did. I think Alex was ranking on the acting in the film.

Now, you and I saw Clerks first up in Boston, at the BU theater, with Stephanie Gaus. She *really* didn't get the movie, but you and I ate it up.

We were even two of the lucky few who saw Mallrats *opening night* in Boston, whenever that came out. And I know we saw Chasing Amy together, although I may have been in grad school at the time...

If you watch Chasing Amy again (do you own it?), you'll recall the music when you hear it...

And, season 2 of BSG should be arriving soon from Netflix, so I'll be all caught up. I did see the second half of the Season 2 finale when it was shown, so it's kind of interesting, knowing where the show is headed, but not seeing the details in between yet. Fun stuff.

In other news, I went down to Trenton today to do some genealogy stuff. I confirmed the discovery of another sister for my Great-great-great Grandfather, Richard Coulson. He had a sister named Martha (after their maternal grandmother), who was born in 1829 or 1830 in Ireland, and married a guy named John Jameson. They all immigrated to the US, and lived in Jersey City (a few blocks from here) in the latter part of the 19th century.

If there's any Jameson descendants out there, feel free to drop a line! John and Martha had three kids, Samuel, Sarah, and Martha. It appears that Samuel probably died before having kids, but Sarah married a guy named Agustus (correct spelling) Harper, and Martha may have married a guy named James Kay. I still need to confirm that Kay connection.

NP: King Crimson - Soundscapes 1 July 1995

17 July 2006


It's a simple subject line, but hey, I'm a simple man...

Fortunately, it's not too bad here in the apartment, but it's a wee bit hot and humid out. The weekend was quite nice, but now, the heat is slamming. But, nothing's to be done about the weather until they build that big solar shade in space, so, we move on.

I've been doing well at work, I feel. I keep seeing little things I can do to improve things in the near term, and larger initiatives to do in the longer term. It's good to be in a place that's able to utilize what I know in positive ways.

When I came home today from work, Sue was watching "Chasing Amy," a great movie, and I think Kevin Smith's best work. Emotional in all the right places, funny in a pointed way, and a lead character who just does all the wrong things, not being able to get past his own issues. It's hard to go wrong with most Kevin Smith movies, but this is one that just gets me.

Does *anyone* have the piece of music that plays over the scene right near the end, between Holden and Banky, a wordless scene from across a room, but masterfully played, with a great score underneath it. There was never a soundtrack for the film, I would have dealt with all the alternative rubbish to get that one piece of music.

NP: Queen + Paul Rodgers - Hammer to Fall (9 May 2003)

16 July 2006


Today, Sue and I spent some time going looking for hangers that we could use to hang pictures on our walls. With cinder block walls, no matter what the color, we need special hangers. I've had them before, they're plastic items, with three metal pins in a circular top area, to drive into the cinder block. They're great for these residence hall walls.

Anyway, we had been to some art stores, but I couldn't find them there yesterday. So today, our mission was to go down to Route 440 in Jersey City, and check out a Lowe's store to see what they had.

No luck was found there. Grr!

Then, driving further down 440, we found a Home Depot. We thought we might be 2nd strike losers, but NO, we found what we were looking for! The company that puts them out is called "Ook," oddly enough. They're my heroes!

So, for those keeping score, it's Home Depot ONE, Lowe's ZERO. Gotta work harder, Lowe's...

In other news, I watched the last episode of season 1 of Battlestar Galactica tonight. The end was quite surprising to me, something happened I didn't expect. I need to make sure that I watch Season 2 as soon as possible...

The apartment's coming along fine, 98% of books are on shelves, and Sue and I are both continuing to do the little organizing that needs to be done. We're really almost all there, but there's just a bit more to do... I'll then take some photos, so you can see what the place looks like all decked out...

NP: Ian Wallace - I Can't Breathe