29 October 2005


There's plenty of opportunity for puns here, but I watched the film "Saw" on DVD today over at a co-workers apartment. Not a bad movie in the horror/suspense/thriller genre, although I thought the film lost it a bit at the end. Some good scares in it, which always make me laugh more than anything else.

Am I sick for finding humor in "scary" movies? I just think the situations are usually so outlandish that there's plenty of opportunity for humor, even when the action is played straight. That's what I liked so much about "Evil Dead II," it was a horror movie that realized there's a lot of humor to be had in the situations. Not that EDII was the first example of this, but it was the first one that came into my orbit.

Of course, for pure suspense, I always enjoyed John Carpenter's "The Thing." There's something about a situation of isolation and fear that just works for me in that movie.

Tomorrow, Sue and I are going to a Halloween party of a friend/co-worker. It should be fun, I've never been to this person's house, and it's always neat to see where other people live. We're just doing some basic makeup/bolts through our head as a costume, neither one of us were too energized to create a costume. If I'm going to create something for Halloween or another event, I would have to start quite a bit earlier. I believe I mentioned my Londo idea here before.

Am I already starting to repeat myself here? Sad...

NP: Delius, Violin Concerto

26 October 2005


I just spent about 45 minutes writing the bass/melody for the song I've been working on. The music for the song is going to be more bass based, so I figured it would be good to listen to my guide vocal while playing along a bit. This ended up not working as well as I had hoped.

What I ended up doing was getting familiar with the vocal and keeping it in my head, while messing around on the bass, and finding the "right" notes to play along with what I was singing. I think I came up with a decent verse and chorus, but I'm not sold on the middle eight section yet musically. I think tomorrow, I may redo the recording I have, in order to get a more coherent demo to work with.

That's the great thing about the computer demo/home recording process, is that it's easy enough to start over, especially at this stage. Once I get a bass/vocal part down, I can start working on a midi drum part, or perhaps guitar or keys. I'll have to see what I'm in the mood for.

In the inane weather part of this blog, we had our first snowfall yesterday. Nothing that stuck around till today, but we did actually have accumulation, which is not necessarily normal for this point in the year. Winter is surely coming, as it does every year.

Sue and I went out to get some Halloween costume stuff for a party we're going to this Saturday. We're keeping it pretty basic. I think that it's best to keep these things simple, unless you have more time to work on something. I'd love to dress up as Londo from Babylon 5 at some point for a Halloween costume, but that would require a lot of work. I did think for a bit of being Buster or Gob from Arrested Development, but those would both be more high concept costumes/performances, and I'm not sure how many people would recognize the characters.

NP: Jeff Buckley, Dink's Song

24 October 2005

More Music

Howdy! Homecoming is over, and I've been able to sleep a bit, along with doing some work, of course.

Not that work isn't crazy exciting, but in other news, I now have official web space to host plenty of music and other files. If you go to my site, you can go to the Music section and listen to all the stuff I did back in the 90's. Everything of value is posted there now. And value is, of course, a relative term...

I generally like the stuff I recorded back then, but I think the music was a bit simple. I'd write different stuff for some of the music now, but others, I'd keep just as they are.


NP: Moody Blues, Legend Of A Mind