10 October 2007


Last night, I went bowling with some people from work, about seven of us all together. It was a blast, but I didn't break 100 on any game. I was always in the 90's, but I just couldn't pull it together to have a consistent game. I like to bowl, but I'm not terribly good at it.

I always figure that if I can break 100, that's a good game.

Our next social work trip outing will be to Atlantic City, sometime in November. That should be a fun time, assuming that I'm able to go. We'll see how the schedule pans out.

In other news, here's a shot from the Genesis show I went to at Giants Stadium back on the 28th.

It was a great time, I had a blast. Fortunately, the weather held out, there was no rain, and it was quite a warm night. The music was great, and if it's the last time I see Genesis (as there's no guarantee that they'll tour again), that's okay...

09 October 2007

New starts on here, yet again...

I think at the beginning of September, I said I was going to re-focus posting on here, as I had dropped off for a bit. Of course, since then, I have barely posted.

I think I'm going to try to write something each day before going to work, see if that's a better time to do this than in the evenings. If I have something that I end up wanting to say in the evenings, then I'll write then, but this will probably become my regular time to write.

But, now, I have to go off to work... See you all later!