25 September 2007

Tonight tonight tonight

So, tonight, I'm going to see Genesis with the wonderful Sue at Madison Square Garden. I'll be heading into the city around 3pm or so, and will meet up with her at StoutNYC, where the fan meet up is happening before the concert.

This will be my first time seeing Genesis since 1992, at Foxboro, MA on the We Can't Dance tour. I'm wearing the t-shirt from that show, and I'm happy it still fits...

A bit blurry, but the photo does the job, right?
I'll be going to their show on Thursday at Giants Stadium also. Someone asked me yesterday at work, why I was going to two shows. My response:
"If they were doing another show at MSG, I would have gone to that one too..."
So, perhaps that explains my obsession.
I'll write a report on the show later on, when I return...
NP: Miles Davis - So What