26 January 2006


Here's a photo of Brian Reed, CD extrordinaire, C. Everett Koop, and myself, in Brace Commons in my residential cluster. Koop visited to speak to a group of about 15 student about issues in the medical field, generally about the cost of care, the aging of America, and old folks.

I learned that Dr. Koop is 90 years old. A very sharp guy! Brian and I were glad we were able to pull this together for students. Brian did most of the work, so I give my kudos to him. Props!

You say you want some more photos? Here's one in town, just a sign...

Vermont is not really in the sky, it's West. And that's the town of Lebanon, not the country. We are a bit remote up here, but not *that* remote...

It's been a longish week. A pretty good one, but still long. Lots of meetings, evening committments, and other work. It should be better this coming week.

My goal for this weekend is to get a more structured outline created for my Sociobiology presentation in March at the ACPA conference. Shouldn't be too hard to do after my note taking last weekend. Also, I hope to get a book order from Amazon tomorrow, which should continue to put me on the right track for this presentation. On Monday at work, I'll start developing some material for my other presentation/roundtable, on making the transition from single to married/partnered while living in the residence halls.

NP: King Crimson, The Rich Tapestry of Life - 17 Oct 1972

25 January 2006

Photos soon!

Yes, I took some photos today, but I won't load them up for a bit of time. Definitely by the weekend, probably before that.

Generally a good day today, I helped out with a presentation about our selection/hiring process for our student staff, got a lot of good info out, and got some good small laughs from the audience. I remember the days where I couldn't talk in front of a group without getting freaky scared beforehand, but now it doesn't bother me that much. My main concern nowadays when I talk in front of groups is keeping it interesting. I think I've done enough of it now that I'm much more comfortable with it, but I still want to develop more comfort doing it, better eye contact with the audience, etc.

Think that's all for now!

NP: Faith No More, Take This Bottle

24 January 2006


I'm going to break one of my cardinal rules and comment on the weather here. We've had abnormally warm weather recently, but now have snow back on the ground. I'll grab some pretty photos of it tomorrow, assuming that it's still looking nice then.

Exercized today for the first time since Saturday. I'm continuing to do the recumbent bike, and need to eat a bit less to make the benefit real.

Received a new CD I ordered around the new year in the mail today, a new Frank Zappa release called "Imaginary Diseases," recorded live back in 1972. An interesting album, the band was basically a rock rhythm section (lead guitar, drums, bass, slide guitar) with a 6 piece horn section. Very different from a lot of other Zappa on the first listen, it was cool. I'll need to listen a bit more to really get a flavor for the music in depth.

NP: King Crimson, Cadence and Cascade - 12 March 1972

23 January 2006


So, I'm sitting out here, by the snack bar in my cluster, and I overhear a student say, "I think I may want to go to grad school in CS (computer science) at Stanford. That's where all the cool computer scientists are or are from."

Not being able to pass this up, I had to correct the student, and let them know that there *are* no cool computer scientists...

I kid, I kid... I have a former roommate who is a computer programmer, and he's kind of cool. Sort of. A bit...

NP: Background noise

22 January 2006

Semi-Lazy Sunday

Today was one of those days where I feel like I actually got stuff done, but it didn't really feel like work much at all. I did, in fact, go though the "On Human Nature" book in preparation for my March presentation, like I said I would back on Friday night. I have 4 pages of notes, which I feel is a good starting point for the talk.

I ordered two books on Amazon that will supplement my research so far. More on those books once I get them.

I have also returned to the world of E-Bay, listing 22 items today. I like to list them all at once, and then I can just relist the ones that don't sell right off in the coming weeks. I did go out to a local used CD store today, to look for new inventory, but I realized that I need to do more research on E-Bay itself t0 see what is selling. Also, I'm not terribly happy with how the Newbury Comics up here puts their used stuff all in with the new stuff. It's not a great organizational system, for me at least.

I also, while I was out, just felt like I wanted to get back here. No big reason, I mainly just didn't feel like being out anymore. A bit weird, but it's one of those things I didn't really fight against. Go with the flow, that's my general nature in certain situations.

I am now reading the 3rd Harry Potter book. They're enjoyable reads, I think the 2nd was a good story, but I think I enjoyed the 1st one a bit more. I'm only about 50 pages into the 3rd one now, I'll let you all know how it is as it goes on. This is a busy week for evening stuff coming up, so I don't know how much I'll get to read, but I'll do what I can.

I actually received a brief e-mail from an old grad school friend earlier this week, in response to a group e-mail I sent out about conferences coming up. I'll have to write her back, to see how life is treating her. If I get a response to that one, it'll be cool.

NP: The Who, The Seeker - 13 Apr 1970