28 January 2014


Yesterday, in the evening, I gave into a creative endeavor once again, and participated in my second reading as part of an ongoing art group here in Jersey City.  I discovered this group through the connection from a friend I had met during my time working at my last job, and as I was going to have some free time on my hands, I asked her about any options for getting involved in something creative locally.

She got me in touch with the leader of this arthouse group, and I put myself in for availability to be a reader for works in progress that local writers are developing.  Scripts mainly, from what I understand.  I was lucky enough with my timing to get to be a reader in the first meeting I was able to attend, which was in December.  I was further, lucky enough to get to read for two scripts last night at the January meeting of this group.

I know that it is very unlikely for me that this would develop into something that could be a full time job, but I'm not looking for this to become that.  I'm looking for this to be a fun way to engage with local creative types, to perhaps get my own juices flowing in that area.

Out in the city (New York, of course) the other night, my friend Lou suggested an idea for a script that's been bouncing around in his head for a bit of time.  I've been thinking about it, and I think I'm going to have a go at creating some characters and a treatment/outline of his idea, to see what he thinks about it.  If nothing else, again, it can be a way to exercise some creative muscles.

I do think that it's important to have an outlet of some type for the mind to get creative.  It can be music, painting, photography, whatever works for that person's particular expression.  For me, I've tried music, and have enjoyed it, and I've done some writing, mainly poetry.  Doesn't everyone try it at some point?  In the college years, that's when I was able to write the most, with the free time (outside of studying) that the lifestyle of the time afforded.

I'll keep my public posted on what happens...

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